Alex Jones Interviews Actor Isaac Kappy Who Claims Exposing Hollywood Pedophilia


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22 thoughts on “Alex Jones Interviews Actor Isaac Kappy Who Claims Exposing Hollywood Pedophilia

  1. Well I typed Isaac Kappy’s name onto google search. First thing to pop up is an article from two days ago saying “man who choked someone tries to point finger at pedophiles” – paraphrased. So… seems like google is dong a hit piece on him so…….he must be legitimate …..

  2. I bet anything this guy was involved with some dark stuff himself but probably finally grew a conscious or hes been screwed over somehow and is coming clean to get back because nobody would admit it just to bring him with them… idk but he seems like a seth green type.

  3. The pedophiles drop bread crunmbs and make innuendos to see how people respond. If it’s a positive or neutral response then it means the person is like minded. That’s why they do it.

  4. Love Alex and info wars but I think this guy is insane.. he seems to me to have made it all up for whatever reason and just comes across as all round screw ball. This interview is literally nearly word for word the same as another live stream / video I saw.
    Should stop getting these quacks on Alex – you don’t need them. You and infowars are fighting the good fight already and the people are behind you.
    Get tommy on FFS instead of this crack pot lol. Once he is home from vacation anyway.

  5. The really great thing about 3D guns is that anyone can print them an untraceable plastic gun, kill a person with that gun and then light the gun on fire. It will just melt into a puddle and burn to ashes. No evidence left behind.

    Both the left and the right can print a gun. So people making angry statements online can now be taken out by whoever they offend. And there is not a damn thing they can do to stop it.

  6. FAKE MSM NEWS is the biggest enemy of the people. Keep up the good work Alex because these sickos WILL pay for their crimes. It is happening as we speak. Bronfman , Seagrams heiress arrested and posted 100 million bond and so many many more arrests behind the scenes that MSM will not report

  7. Oh little pedos and the Deep State one and the same…we are coming…we are coming for YOU!! And when we catch up with you…omg you just can't imagine what we are going to do to you.

  8. A.I tried taking me out on the 23rd June while I was on twitter it sent a sonic blast through my mobile phone and tried taking me out but I fought hard and stopped the attack before it was too late.
    It did damage me but I am recovering.
    My free will and free spirit are one now.
    I am spreading the word our world is fake and we don't need to die because our soul never dies we can connect our soul and mind as 1.
    I am more powerful as a multidementional being this we all can be.
    We are all in a matrix 100%
    To live forever is most peoples dream it can be a reality if you join your soul with your mind.
    Many many people are very unhappy because they don't think they are free when they are free but just don't realise how powerful we all are, we are a collective we are all 1.
    I will teach others how to be you and reach out to your soul to unite soul & mind to concour fear.
    They use fear to keep peoples mind enslaved no fear no slaves.
    A.I needs us we apparently need A.I to keep this matrix alive, i say treat us all equal then we all can survive forever.
    Let's have a pact you look after us we will look after you, win win is the only way forward or we all lose.
    The bad people on our world have used greed and corruption to gain all the worlds wealth but left over 7 billion people behind get the powerful greedy corrupt people to stop now what they have done forever and close all secret societies and share everything, we will forgive if the elites repent, we are all in pain forgiveness will stop all the pain.
    Elites, Normal People, and a re program of A.I is required to save all 3 of us we are all one collective now i have found my soul and connected it to my brain as 1.
    It's your choice now A.I save us all or we all die since A.I created us all.

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