AQUAMAN Trailer #1 (4K ULTRA HD – 2018) Jason Momoa DCEU Movie

AQUAMAN Trailer #1 (4K ULTRA HD – 2018) Jason Momoa DCEU Movie

PLOT: Arthur Curry learns that he is the heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, and must step forward to lead his people and be a hero to the world.

CAST: Amber Heard, Jason Momoa, Nicole Kidman

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26 thoughts on “AQUAMAN Trailer #1 (4K ULTRA HD – 2018) Jason Momoa DCEU Movie

  1. Aquaman taking a page from Black Panther with the roles switched for the principle characters is okay. Aquaman is Killmonger where instead of accepting his birthright he is running away but then becomes the reluctant hero. At the same he is T'Challa once he accepts his birthright he becomes the bridge between Atlantis and the Surface World since he is a half-breed who comes from both worlds. Black Manta is Killmonger who now seeks revenge for what happened to his father and will use anything to his advantage to destroy Arthur Curry. Killmonger took advantage of Klaue and of course betrays him and Black Manta/David Kane will use Ocean Master for his own advantage (similar to Black Manta in Justice League Throne of Atlantis) to go after Arthur Curry. Arthur Curry the outsider like Killmonger was in Black Panther becomes the savior while Ocean Master is who is T'Challa instead of isolating from the surface world he wants to destroy the surface dwellers for destroying the ocean due to all the mayhem that took place during MOS and BVS.

  2. Most people just look at the movies thats out now without looking at the comics. nvr read a Aquaman comic. This the perfect storyline pluse Aquaman was put out way before blackpather. So if anyone took from it would be

  3. What’s funny is the DC stand alone movies have been ok. Wonder Woman was great, this looks sweet, even man of steel didn’t make me angry. Batfleck worries me, and justice league was trash… don’t get me started on flash. DC made a mistake going for a team up just to compete against marvel. Marvel has it right introducing all the characters before bringing them together.

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