CONSTANTINE CITY OF DEMONS Official Trailer (NEW 2018) Superhero Movie HD

CONSTANTINE CITY OF DEMONS Trailer (NEW 2018) Superhero Movie HD [Official Trailer]
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39 thoughts on “CONSTANTINE CITY OF DEMONS Official Trailer (NEW 2018) Superhero Movie HD

  1. Seems you forgot that marvel and dc are so different idk why you said its looks like doctor strange lol in which part?? All of the symbols that Constantine use are infernal symbols to call demons, the creation of some of them, supernatural powers, even teleport you dont know Who is Constantine

  2. i hope they can make a big epic crossover dc cartoon/animation movie with justice league, teen titans, justice league dark and the Batman family try to fight darkside maybe the warner brothers animation company and the dc universe animation company will that new dc universe animation movie justice league: the war of darkside or justice league: the final war what do you all of you dc universe fan people out there think.?

  3. Ahh finally some Constantine that has nothing to the with the god damn Arrow verse. I really wish Matt Ryan didn't jump to that he could have played him in a movie some day :/ what a waste. least he does all the voice acting I suppose.

  4. my first exposure to Constantine was the Keanu Reeves movie, and i loved it, and for me thats the real Constantine. I know this is more comic accurate, but unfortunately i dont like this version of him.

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