Lux Style Awards 2018 at Expo Centre Lahore – LSA 2018 – Urdu Point

ایکسپو سینٹر لاہور میں منعقدہ ” لکس اسٹائل ایوارڈز 2018 “۔۔۔ دیکھئے آج کس کس کو ایوارڈز ملنے والے ہیں۔ ایکسپو سینٹر لاہور سے دانیال سہیل کے ساتھ

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43 thoughts on “Lux Style Awards 2018 at Expo Centre Lahore – LSA 2018 – Urdu Point

  1. excellent looking stars of our film indsutry all looking so awesome and so energetic………Special tributes to Sangeeta G and Bahar Begum whose role for our industry is so big and uncountable………great artist and roles models………..Life time achievement award should be given to both of them………

  2. senior ko b stage per bulwa leya kre. aps me hee ak dosry ko award dety rehte ho. wo hee lene wale wohe deny wale. Itne barre Director or actors ko nae bulwaya . Sangeta , sahbba, or b bhat sare actores hy jinnhe ap nae bulwate . HUM chanel ke miss management hy.

  3. Arth film Shan Shahid ko best Actors me nominate hee nae keya . isle k osne such bol dia tha. Ayna dekhaya to burra man gea. ye hal hy ap logo k . itna barra actor ko nominate hee nae keya . afssos jury lux or hum Chanel. afsos dar afsos

  4. Jitna promote apni industry's ko kr rhe h haram khor itna desh duniya m islam ko promote kare….bas india ko copy krna wahh re pakistan kafiro or kya khule kapde pehna rkhe h aurto ko😠😠

  5. Why do I think that LSA is going down every year. It used to be a larger than life kind of event. It looks like a small party. LSA should go big. Come on Fareeha. Our celeberties are so pretty and hardworking but they badly need formal training regarding their public appearances. And noone should mind it. It's normal in other industries. I mean you never say Salamoalayekum in reply to Salamoalyekum. And please stop talking about how event is organized , talk about the philosphy of your art form and how you guys produce such amazing work. talk about your work and its Meaning. not that event is well-organized like it's your Annual Dinner at a university. Sorry for being a little Hamza Ali Abbasi about all of this but I really love our celebs and there's no one like them. Good luck.

    PS: More respect to Maam Bahar Bano. And HSY and Kamyar, plz control your body gestures 😉 IYNWIM

  6. I do not understand what I should say about these people..All I want to say is that if we had to do all this, then what do we do for freedom..And why did we get freedom.Is this country in the name of Islam? I do not think so at all …I did not think that we wanted a free country, if we had to do all this, we could have done it in India too, then we could have made it, then what was the need to make Pakistan? I have often heard from people of these people that when they talk and comment on these, they say Modern Islam ..I have not read about the current modern Islam, where it is…And then I came to understand that modern Islam is just world..Which is designed for the freedom of such kind of So that they could do their job freely and could not even talk to them…And very shame that these people are our heroes and we consider ourselves as our hero …There is a lot to say and say but I also know that everything is useless..Just say in the end that whatever our situation is today, due to our own sins, there is no fault of anyone else in it….

  7. omg was looking thru the whole video , it was reallly good some of my faves zara dina from teri meri kahani and marwa,but could't find SANAM from thumbnail!!

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