The System – Movie (2014) Part 2 – Pakistani Urdu movie Eng. subs.

Part 2. Copy rights: Leos productions (Pakistan) & Green Chili Entertaint AS (Norway) helds all the copyrights of the movie. Rip, download, distribute the film on any other medium is strictly prohibited. We can at any time ask for damages caused by illegal distribution.

Movie Name: The System

Movie Staring : Shehraz Ghufoor, Nadeem Baig, Kashaf Ali, Shafqat Cheema, Irfan Koshart, Kashaf Ali, Ejaz Nayyar, Rabia Tabassum, Saleem Shah, Saima Saleem, Mariyam Ali Hussiain, Saira.

Directed by : Shahzad Ghufoor
Written by : Wajid Zubairi
Screenplay by : Wajid Zubairi, Shehraz, Shahzad Ghufoor.
Music Director : Sailesh Suvarna (India)
Background Score : Surendra Sodhi (India)
Sound Design : AjayKumar PB (India)
Director Of Photography : Syed Faisal Bukhari & Jennifer Lucien (India)
Director Of Choreography : Rajeev Goswami (India) & Jabbar Samrat
Lyrics : Irfan Siddiqui & Mohit Pathak (India)
Line Producer : Dishant Mehta
Produced by : Green Chili Entertainment AS – Prime FIlms International

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43 thoughts on “The System – Movie (2014) Part 2 – Pakistani Urdu movie Eng. subs.

  1. bahi is movie ka naam system hai or karwa Sach yehi hai hum is system main rethey hain ye chez daily hoti hain gunda gardi badmashi chore daku qabza group all corupt bastard are most respected people in our system some people mentioned drugs why they planted it aaj kal apko her chez mil jati hai thana culture potawari culture justice system our youth everything is corupt we as nation specifically youth needs to learn a lesson from this movie and do something to change our mother land

  2. Story is good but the acting of hero is so so sometimes he over reacts he should improve his acting especially when he comes to police station after the jailer cuffed his father his acting was indigestible

  3. haanji ab haider phele ki jaisa nahi raha, kuch ladkon ne pakar kar Haider ki bound mein apna lund ghuzaar ghuzaar kar maze le is liye ab bound admi kuch aur hi ho gaya hai

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