The System – Movie (2014) Part 1 – Pakistani Urdu movie Eng. subs.

Part 1. Copy rights: Leos productions (Pakistan) & Green Chili Entertaint AS (Norway) helds all the copyrights of the movie. Rip, download, distribute the film on any other medium is strictly prohibited. We can at any time ask for damages caused by illegal distribution.

Movie Name: The System

Movie Staring : Shehraz Ghufoor, Nadeem Baig, Kashaf Ali, Shafqat Cheema, Irfan Koshart, Kashaf Ali, Ejaz Nayyar, Rabia Tabassum, Saleem Shah, Saima Saleem, Mariyam Ali Hussiain, Saira.

Directed by : Shahzad Ghufoor
Written by : Wajid Zubairi
Screenplay by : Wajid Zubairi, Shehraz, Shahzad Ghufoor.
Music Director : Sailesh Suvarna (India)
Background Score : Surendra Sodhi (India)
Sound Design : AjayKumar PB (India)
Director Of Photography : Syed Faisal Bukhari & Jennifer Lucien (India)
Director Of Choreography : Rajeev Goswami (India) & Jabbar Samrat
Lyrics : Irfan Siddiqui & Mohit Pathak (India)
Line Producer : Dishant Mehta
Produced by : Green Chili Entertainment AS – Prime FIlms International

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50 thoughts on “The System – Movie (2014) Part 1 – Pakistani Urdu movie Eng. subs.

  1. Film kafi achi hai but is ne wo response nahi dia jo tawako ki ja rahi thi… SHAFQAT cheema ki akting sab se behtar aur kamal thi ,, india main hota to amresh puri se kaheen aage hota

    Story bht jandar nahi thi ,,, politicians ko sahi se be nakab nahi kia gaya ,, muashare ka gand bahir nahi laya gaya

  2. story was good but action was poor and hero voice was too bad…Pakistani are producing best movies but unfortunately Lollywood dont permit to upload on Youtube and deprived the world to watch.

  3. bc indian drama ider bhi shuru ho giya,,, police k khlaahf bananay ki bajayy benchod corrupt awam k khlaahf banaooooo .. aur gana bajana aur love affairs na rakho flim main bc kunjar.

  4. because Nadeem baig was right because Allah knows everything because that is a Allah command Allah laws Muhammad peace blessing upon him because he believe true Islam because he believe solider of Allah

  5. don t worries Allah is there always there with you all the time i wish that Hayder he is very powerful man strong man i am sure of that Hadyer will teach them good lesson Inshallah tala

  6. because Pakistan drama Pakistani film they are much better always nice good Pakistan drama very nice Pakistani film these are my favorite Allah blessed them reward them

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