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The war in Syria explained in five minutes
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What is going on in Syria and why? This animation explains the events that have led to the ongoing civil war in the Middle Eastern country, which is reported to have claimed over 100,000 lives. It’s a complicated issue, but this explainer should serve as a good starting point for understanding it all

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21 thoughts on “The war in Syria explained in five minutes | Guardian Animations

  1. More than 2000 years ago Isaiah wrote that Damascus would one day be a ruinous Heap destroyed so the Bible is more up-to-date than any newspaper there is more to come God will destroy those armies that come from the north against Israel in the Golan Heights many will die

  2. Ghadaffi was killed because that was in the wests interest. SiSi (Egypts current president) had nothing happen to him after he killed hundreds of protesters while praying and injured thousands because he is the wests lapdog.

  3. Where does it say anything about the CIA covert operation, Sycamore Timber, the hiring and equipping of thousands of foreign fighters, and how they were hosted in Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq. And why doesn't it discuss Assad's Five Seas Plan, which the US and Saudi Arabia want to block.

  4. Revolutioners are terrorists.
    And all armies or armed people are crazy criminals, even the Syrian army, there are no righteous sides in this war, unfortunately many innocent people died in vain
    I wish the god punish everyone who shared in killing others.

  5. The lies of the powerful global media conglomerate.
    According to NATO and its Gulf allies, massive demonstrations were taking place in Syria for an 8-month period in demand for more freedom and the withdrawal of President Bachar el-Assad. It was a lie. Only in some cities, and to the call of Saudi and Egyptian preachers through Al-Jazzera, there were some demonstrations against President Bachar el-Assad and the truth is that these demonstrations brought together, at most, a total of 100,000 people. In these demonstrations no more freedom was requested, but the establishment of an Islamic regime. If the resignation of President al-Assad was demanded it was not because of his politics but because the demonstrators supported a sectarian current of Sunnism, the takfiri current, and they claim that Bashar el-Assad is a heretic – because he is Alawite – without right thus to exercise power in a Muslim country which, according to the Takfiri current, can only be legitimately governed by a Sunni belonging to the same theological school as the Takfiri current. Syria did not give in to external pretensions and gave the fight. Then, within their Machiavellian mind, these invaders created and financed a new, more cruel and determined movement, the IS, with the intention of creating a permanent anxiety throughout the East that lends itself to its purposes. Hypocritically I carried out more than 8,000 ineffective bombings against the IS, equipping it completely. I falsely accuse Syria of using gas against its population, prepared its fleet for a full bombardment and subsequent invasion, plus the insistence of a French reporter who thoroughly and publicly investigated their discoveries, tracking the Libyan origin of the gas containers and their entry through Turkey, brought down similar infamy. Syria had declared in its day that this attack had been carried out by terrorist groups. It has now been shown that the reporter and Syria were right. The government of Bashar al Assad was innocent of that crime that the governments and Western media accused him, said a former French deputy of the European Parliament, Michael Pinton, according to the Valmy Committee site, definitively burying the slander.

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